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Leverage leadership, market momentum, and brand profile at our sixth thought-leading convening for the fast growing impact community.

Summit of Wisdom, Courage and Action  

Sixth Summit of success that once again brings the impact community thought leading investing insights, opportunities and case studies from the best of the best – visionary international and domestic thought leaders and industry experts. Engaging people with intent on a transforming journey of discovery, learning and action.

Why Partner?

  1. Leverage a range of deliverables in line with your business imperatives and needs
  2. Capitalise on the peak thought-leading forum positioned to lead the way in this growing investment movement across the Region
  3. Gain profile and be seen as active agent of change and influence
  4. Promote your brand and message for optimum audience engagement and response
  5. Connect and network with the global thought and market leaders in this fastgrowing global community
  6. Position your team and organisation at the forefront of the impact investing sector
  7. Provide your people with powerful and motivating focus for business development and growth
  8. Generate targeted ROI in line with your objectives.

As we begin to see more institutions in Australia and globally focus their investment strategies on capital growth as well as  sustainable impact opportunities – impact investing will move beyond responsible investing and minimising harm, to become the mainstream discourse and practice. This is the opportunity to show leadership and harness increasing capital opportunities in the impact investing sphere of influence.

Summit 2019 at a glance

To find out more about being involved with the Impact Investment Summit, please contact:

Andy Du Pont

Community & Partnership Manager
+61 432 147 829