Wisdom | Courage | Action

2024 Impact Investment Summit

20 & 21 MARCH 2024


Play your part, collaborate with like-minded Summiteers to forge the future of impact.
Generate positive social, environmental and financial returns.
With Wisdom, Courage and Urgent Action

 Capital has the power to transform

As we’ve seen through the exponential rise in responsible investing, and we know that with deep intention, impact investing has the transformative power to re-shape lives, livelihoods and our planet’s health.

The growing inequities around the globe, amplified by the pandemic, and the role of capital in closing the gap. To be pursued at this, the seventh seminal Summit gathering of international and Australian private and public sector leaders, institutional and private investors, family trusts and foundations, government, academia and the media, financial advisers, NGOs and social enterprises. All intent on making a difference through innovation, through values-centred investment, through conversations, collaboration and connection. Sharing insights and stories on what matters most in our world, on our key social and environmental challenges and opportunities crying out for our collective wisdom, courage and action.