“Wisdom is the ability to know, move with Courage, see with passion and achieve in Action”

Nsude Chibuzo Remigius
Nigerian poet and writer with an inspiration to change the world

Navigate and emerge strong from these unprecedented times

Continuing the momentum, efforts and spirit of our intent to shift capital for good, the Summit team invite you to our compelling Wisdom Circles suite of virtual experiences to be enjoyed in October.

 Insight-rich conversations – with Q&A’s – spanning our key goals of connecting, catalysing and community-building for the impact ecosystem. Through globally relevant and locally tailored content, we deliver insights and learning through four critical lenses: gender; indigenous; systems and climate.

 Each of our three upcoming Wisdom Circles online features a thought-leading global luminary sharing their inspirational story on how they are making a real difference and the world a better place.

Take your place in, have your say, and co-shape the impact ecosystem!

Reserve your place for $95* (plus GST and booking fee) for ALL THREE EVENTS and receive a discount of same value when you register for the Impact Investment Summit by the end of November 2021.


So you save a further $95 on top of your Crack of the Sparrow saving of $400 off the early Bird price.


The Poetry of Impact

Gino Borges

Wednesday 13 October 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT


Gino Borges is an investor in impact-driven companies, with an emphasis on social and ecological resilience. He is a partner at OpenPath Investments, which transforms ordinary apartment complexes into thriving communities via its Urban Village program. Additionally, he’s partnered with FullCycle, facilitating a co-investment to bring institutional-grade climate investments to retail investors.

Gino speaks and teaches about impact investing, multi-family real estate, community resiliency, and wealth stewardship. He is the host of The Poetry of Impact Podcast and curator of Poetry of Impact, an ecosystem of impact-inspired investors, founders, authors, and artists exploring eternal topics considered off-limits in “money” conversations.


Humanity is part of the evolutionary process

Lisa & Charly Kleissner – Co-founders of Toniic

Wednesday 20 October 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT


We are delighted to present this Wisdom Circle in the form of an intimate fireside chat with impact investing pioneers, co-founders of Toniic, Lisa and Charly Kleissner, hosted by impact strategist, Rosemary Addis AM.

Lisa and Charly are not only treating the symptoms of our failing economic and financial system, but its root causes – with a level of awareness and consciousness that is non-anthropocentric, acknowledging that humanity is part of the evolutionary process, not outside of it.

They see impact investing not as an intellectual exercise, but as an expression of who they really are.


Impact Measurement that creates connection to purposeful intent

Lindsay Smalling – 60 Decibels

Tuesday 26 October 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT


Impact measurement has the potential to more deeply connect investors to the impact they seek and provide actionable data for decision-making. Unfortunately, it is often perceived as an obligatory administrative burden. Central to unlocking the potential of impact measurement is centering the voice of end stakeholders to listen better. 60 Decibels has been refining their approach to understanding impact by listening to those who matter most for more than seven years and has conducted 150k+ surveys with end stakeholders in 40+ countries. Lindsay will share an overview of the insights and benchmarking being generated by gathering comparable impact outcomes data at scale, and open the discussion to the group on what is needed to increase practices of stakeholder engagement throughout the investment process.

Lindsay is the Head of US Sales at 60 Decibels, a tech-enabled impact measurement company using (mostly) phone-based surveys to listen better to end customers and beneficiaries around the world. Prior to 60 Decibels, she was CEO of SOCAP, convening social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and cross-sector leaders through world-renowned events at the intersection of money and meaning. Lindsay was previously Strategic Initiatives Officer at ImpactAssets, consulted on corporate social responsibility programs at Entrepreneurs Foundation, and started her career in financial services at Wellington Management and Lord Abbett. Lindsay graduated from Pomona College, where she was a Division III National Champion in water polo, and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and twin daughters.


Wisdom Circles is an exclusive virtual series brought to you by OnImpact, and facilitated by the team that is behind Impact Asia Pacific.