Program speakers


Rebecca Thomas​

Executive Director, Impact Investing

Rebecca is the Executive Director of SVA’s Impact Investing team. Rebecca leads the team that were one of the first established social impact investment fund managers in Australia. Since establishment the team have grown funds under management, across a number of funds and social impact bonds, to over c.$200m. Rebecca works across a number of investment products (equity and debt) and while at SVA has completed a variety of investments in housing (across social, affordable and disability), aged care and financial services. ​ Prior to SVA, Rebecca worked in a number of banking roles (Barclays Capital, Lloyds Banking Group and GE Capital) in both Europe and Australia. ​

She is also a Board Director of YWCA Housing, YWCA and Social Infrastructure Partners, the manager of the Synergis Fund.​ Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) from the University College, London.​