Program speakers


Hon. Matt Kean

Treasusure, Minister for Energy and Environment

Matt Kean entered Parliament in 2011 and spent his early years advocating for stronger mental health policy.

Elevated to the NSW Cabinet in 2017, he was appointed Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in 2017.

Following the 2019 NSW election, he was appointed Minister for Energy and Environment.

Since this appointment, Kean has added substantial expanses of land to the NSW National Parks’ Estate, beating and then doubling acquisition targets which will mean nearly 600,000 additional hectares (over five per cent) will be added by the end of 2022.

An outspoken critic of “climate denialism” he has campaigned for greater and national action on climate change, particularly in the wake of the 2019-20 bushfires.

Championing a more progressive set of energy and climate policies in the Liberal Party, he has argued that the centre of Australian politics needs to reclaim its voice in the political debate.

In 2020, he delivered the biggest renewable energy policy in Australia’s history.

The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap: a 20-year plan for NSW’s energy infrastructure that incentivises private investment in renewable energy while simultaneously reducing emissions and lowering electricity bills for the families and businesses of NSW.

He has shown that when politicians make a concerted effort to find common ground and put aside tribal and ideological differences, real and lasting reform can be achieved.

In 2021, he was appointed Treasurer.

He is focused on safely re-opening the economy and getting people back to work, and intends to invest in our economy and our people today to deliver a stronger, more prosperous, more sustainable future tomorrow.