Program speakers



Dr. Michelle Deaker

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Dr Michelle Deaker is a Founding Partner & Managing Director of OneVentures, which recently announced its Responsible Investment Policy, making it one of the first VC firms in Australia to formally commit to only investing in companies that demonstrate ESG principles. This includes embedding key ESG requirements into term sheets and investment documentation, building reporting frameworks for companies, and requiring oversight within company boards. OneVentures invests in healthcare and technology companies that have a positive global impact and create innovative products that tackle multi-billion-dollar world problems, such as as Vaxxas in the field of better global health and wellbeing. OneVentures has more than $550 million in funds under management and has deployed about $280m in 28 early-stage and growth-stage companies since launching its first fund — the OneVentures Innovation Fund I — in 2010.

Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in the development of high-growth technology companies in Australia and the US, has served on the boards of large and small listed and unlisted companies, and has a strong background in Australian R&D and expertise in global business expansion. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours 1st class), Master of Science and a PhD (Applied Science). She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Chief Executive Women (CEW).