Program speakers


Dan Osusky

Head of Standards and Insights

Dan is the Head of Standards and Insights at B Lab, a global network of organizations transforming the global economic system. Dan is responsible for managing the performance requirements for the B Corp Certification as well as the content of the B Impact Assessment, the social and environmental performance measurement and management tool used to measure, compare, manage, and improve their impact on stakeholders including workers, community, customers, and the environment. He also leads on B Lab’s partnerships and collaborations regarding standards, as well as developing and leveraging data about the impact of B Lab and its community of companies to contribute to broader dialogues about the role and impact of business in society.

His work at B Lab has included developing and launching Versions 5 and 6 of the B Impact Assessment, the development of the SDG Action Manager in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact, engaging with B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council, and developing B Lab’s positions on controversial issues related to business. Dan also led in the creation of the Net Zero 2030 initiative, the development of B Corp Certification requirements for large multinationals in conjunction with B Lab’s Multinational and Public Markets Advisory Council, and the recently launched report on company engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals.