Program speakers


Simon Lewis

Simon is an experienced board member, trustee and non-profit director and former senior executive in the trustee and family office sector. He established GoodWolf Partners in 2019 to advise families, foundations and organisations shifting their strategy and resources to participate in a more generative and distributive agenda, and help build the impact economy. This includes establishing and advising charitable foundations, blended business models like for purpose and social enterprise, and the non-profit organisations dialling up their impact and effectiveness.

‘Endowments For Impact’ is an initiative GoodWolf piloted in 2021 to ensure the impact philosophy and agenda of charitable organisations brings its full asset base and investment strategy into consideration, and to help build capacity in the sector to make the transition.

Simon is a Trustee of the Reichstein Foundation, Chair and Co-Foundation of the Australian International Development Network (AIDN), Chair of the Australian Outward Bound Development Fund, and Director of Park Social Soccer Company, a social business. He is also a Fellow of the AVPN and AVPA Impact Investing Fellowship. He holds an MBA (Melbourne Business School), MA (Oxon) and a BBusSci (Actuarial, Cape Town University)