Program speakers


Shireen Morris 

Director – Radical Centre Reform Lab

Dr Shireen Morris is a constitutional lawyer, Associate Professor and Director of the Radical Centre Reform Lab at Macquarie University Law School. She has spent the last 12 years working with Indigenous leaders like Noel Pearson, devising and advocating the concept of a constitutionally guaranteed First Nations Voice, the subject of her PhD thesis.

Shireen was also a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her research includes free speech, republicanism, and economic inequality. Shireen delivered the 2022 John Button Oration, making the case for radical centre economic reform in pursuit of true full employment. She has published extensively, releasing several books, scholarly articles and numerous opinion pieces, and regularly commentates in the media. Before becoming a constitutional lawyer, Shireen spent her 20s working as an actor and singer.