Program speakers


Neda Rahmani 


Over a 20 year history, Neda has established herself as a cultural leader whose practice embodies inclusion, equity and justice. Whether it is through her directorial experiences bringing to life critical performances and events, her investment in capacity building with diverse young people to build the next generation of culture makers or her skilled facilitation of intercultural dialogue, Neda’s work is the nexus of transformation.

Neda’s works are equally the site of resistance, artfully presented to engage audiences in a profound conversation about what it means to live in a multicultural society. By virtue of commanding the stage in concert with artists of colour from across our diverse community Neda challenges preconceptions of who is an artist and what is art, demanding from audiences a deep appreciation of our pluralism.Through courageous artistic risk-taking Neda enables participation that transcends barriers and builds new forms of engagement.
An entrepreneur, one half of Goodworthy, a social impact media company putting people and planet first. She is an artist, composer, director, storyteller, facilitator, mentor, media commentator and all round raconteur.

Drumming culture, collaboration and costuming are integral to her expressions as an artist. With a passion for body art, body extension, audience interaction, fashion and costume design, Neda draws on her experience of performance to deliver some of the most decadent concerts and roving musical entrances. Her practice is a melding of contemporary and hereditary cultural practices that are 1000s of years old.

Neda is the Deputy Chair of Multicultural Arts Victoria and she is now also a member of The Cat Empire band enjoying global touring and complete creative freedom as she arrives to any occasion ready to share her joy which she believes is also your right.