Program speakers


Liz Gillies

CEO – Menzies Foundation

Liz has had over 25 years’ experience in a range of fields supporting social impact. She has held roles in multiple sectors and academia.

In 2018 Liz was appointed CEO of the Menzies Foundation which aspires to build a leadership movement that supports Australians to clarify their purpose, build their leadership capability and contribute to the ‘greater good’.

Liz joined the Melbourne Business School in 2009 and was instrumental in establishing the Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre and The Centre for Ethical Leadership.  During this time she was awarded a Research Fellowship to lead a partnership focused on strategic philanthropy which culminated in the release of the reports: Philanthropy: Towards a Better Practice Model (2018)  and Philanthropy: The Continued Journey to Real Impact and Better Practice. (2021)

Liz has extensive governance experience and is currently a Director of Philanthropy Australia.