Program speakers


Joel Anderson

Founder- Foremind

Foremind is on a mission towards zero suicide by putting proactive mental health support in the pocket of every worker. Founded out of lived experience, Foremind makes it simple for companies to navigate psychosocial risks while also providing early intervention mental health support and training to their teams. Now supporting 32 businesses across Australia we have a vision to develop a world leading Psychological Safety System that ensures everyone has access to support when they need it most. 

Founder Joel Anderson, who worked in construction before completing an engineering degree, is driven by his own experience of attempting suicide. When his mental health deteriorated, it took him a long time to find the courage to seek help – only to end up with a counsellor he couldn’t relate to at all.  As a result, he founded Foremind in 2021 with the goal to end suicide – full stop.