Program speakers


Jed Emerson

Jed Emerson is Chief Impact Officer for Tiedemann Advisors/AlTi. He was founding director of Larkin Street Services, a program serving homeless youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, and founding director of REDF, a venture philanthropy investing exclusively in social enterprises employing and empowering people overcoming barriers to work. Jed has served on various boards of directors, including as a founding board member of Pacific Community Ventures.

Originator of the concepts of Blended Value and Total Portfolio Management, Jed Emerson has extensive experience leading, staffing and advising funds, firms, social ventures and foundations pursuing financial performance with social/environmental impact.

In addition to his writing, Jed currently focuses on working with families exploring how to ensure a long-term legacy by managing their full net worth for impact. He also advises investment firms on the implications of an impact investing framework for their practice. He is an internationally recognized Thought Leader in impact investing, social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy. Emerson has played founder roles with some of the nation’s leading venture philanthropy, community venture capital and social enterprises.

Emerson holds master degrees in both business and social work administration, has written over thirty articles/papers and co-edited multiple books on topics as diverse as sustainable investing, performance metrics and measurement, impact investing and sustainable hedge fund investing. He works with foundations, investment funds, individuals, social enterprises and businesses to assist those who seek to maximize the total value of their investing and entrepreneurship to attain their personal and professional visions.