Program speakers


Jason Kimberley

Founder – Cool

Stepping out of the limelight to become Cool

Jason Kimberley is an adventurer, photographer, author, and the founder of Cool, an education organisation dedicated to inspiring students to learn for life. Jason is an altruistic-realist. His uncompromising focus is on equitable access to quality education for all students.

Prior to his success in education, Jason was restauranteur of uber-successful Veludo, the limelight of Melbourne’s culinary and nightlife scene in the 90’s. He then joined the family rag trade juggernaut Just Jeans for several years before doing a 180 and finding his passion in education.

Jason’s enthusiasm for adventure has taken him around the world to the highest peaks and most remote places on our planet. He is also a published author, ‘Australia Exposed’ (2003), which resulted from a yearlong camping trip around Australia. ‘Antarctica, A Different Adventure’ (2007) chronicles his journey across the frozen wilderness. In researching his Antarctica book, Jason increased his understanding of the environmental, social, and economic challenges we face and how everything is connected to everything else.

Jason identified that addressing these challenges through education would have the greatest impact. He respects the power of education and how it can create positive change in children’s lives and society more broadly. Through Cool, his vision is a reality: creating educational materials teachers use to inspire students and engage them in meaningful learning experiences. Cool provides students with the opportunity to develop a clear purpose, a growth mindset, greater responsibility, resilience, and entrepreneurship.

By combining a life of adventure with a passion for education, Jason Kimberley has established himself as a unique leader in this essential field. Through his work, he is contributing to a better future by helping teachers and parents to be the best educators of children that they can be.

Jason inspires and is inspired by his work and has leveraged every skill he has, all his energy and all his resources to make Cool the success it is today.