Program speakers


Jade Miles

Jade Miles is the CEO of Sustainable Table – a network of thought leaders, food producers, scientists and funders working to revolutionise Australia’s regenerative food industry

February 2023, Naarm / Melbourne, Australia — Aware of the pressing need to transform Australia’s food systems for a more self-sustaining future, Jade Miles has spent the past decade advocating for leading approaches to regenerative food production. Now, as the CEO of Sustainable Table, Miles is bringing together key change-makers, who are working to bring regenerative food production to the fore, and find solutions to Australia’s food crisis.

“Last year alone we saw the extent to which our national food supply can be impacted by the climate crisis, and we shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to take action. The time to act is now, and the solutions start with the consumer, ” Miles explains.

Having fostered a close connection to Australia’s natural environment since her childhood, Miles has worked in roles from teacher to strategist to regenerative fruit farmer, with the ultimate aim of transforming the country’s food production methods.

Miles’ role at Sustainable Table combines her understanding of food production with her strategic mind – allowing her to elevate the leaders in the space while connecting with key fundraisers to catalyse change. Having worked across a range of roles in the industry, Miles has a deep understanding of the regenerative farming landscape, and her work with Sustainable Table involves funding and supporting key organisations, start-ups and individuals working in the regenerative farming space while educating the wider community about the impact and importance of regenerative food production.

As Sustainable Table continues to extend their work, their impact on the regenerative farming landscape will only increase – with ambitious new projects in the pipeline for 2023.

With education being a key pillar of the Sustainable Table approach, Miles is welcoming opportunities to share her insights with the wider public through interviews and conversations with the media.