Program speakers


Ginny Daniels

CEO – Agreventures

Ginny Daniels is a visionary leader with a rich tapestry of experiences across various sectors, including beef cattle production, rural finance, leasing and land acquisition, and business strategy. Rooted in a deep commitment to accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture, Ginny’s work embodies the principles of holistic land management and sustainable stewardship.

Ginny brings a pragmatic understanding of the intricacies involved in building successful agricultural enterprises. Her journey in these realms has not only honed her expertise but also fueled her passion for providing opportunities for the next generation of farmers and graziers, and harnessing the power of technology and finance to empower individuals to become active participants in building a more regenerative future. 

At the heart of Ginny’s mission is her deep love for the land and nature which serves as the compass guiding her work, driving her to utilize technology and finance as tools to strengthen humanity’s connection to the Earth. By harnessing innovation and collaboration, Ginny envisions a future where humans serve as stewards of nature, and where wealth creation coexists in harmony with the land, embodying the spirit of resilience, innovation, and stewardship in service to nature and future generations.