Program speakers


Elise Parups

CEO – The Impact Club

Elise Parups is currently serving as the CEO at the Impact Club, dynamically leading a network of engaged investors dedicated to fostering catalytic change through investments in high-impact businesses. Her commitment to the quadruple bottom line—culture, society, environment, and economics—underscores her mission to create positive and lasting transformations in the purpose-led business world.

Elise has a wealth of experience leading communities in non-profit, government and commercial business and across multiple sectors and industries, including the position of inaugural CEO at Queensland Social Enterprise Council Ltd for a commendable four-year tenure. Elise’s academic accomplishments have included, a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, along with degrees and diplomas in Teaching, Workplace Training and Development, and Project Management. In essence, Elise Parups is a passionate and articulate leader, dedicated to weaving positive change into the fabric of business practices and investments, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of responsible and impactful entrepreneurship.ment committee for inTouch, a family violence service working with migrant and refugee women and their communities.