Program speakers


Donal Griffin 

Managing Director – Be A Better Ancestor Pty Ltd

Donal is admitted as a lawyer in New South Wales, Australia and Ireland and has over 25 years’ experience. Donal has a Masters degree in Wills and Estates.

Helping families with business interests is his passion. This is his vocation and calling. In fact, it is his legacy and he craves seeing its impact.

He has a certificate in family systems theory and application from the Family Systems Institute. This helps him understand the clients in the context of their family.

He is a lifelong learner and has been mentored by Jay Hughes. He has written down some of this wisdom in his second book called “Be A Better Ancestor – Build one of the great families”.

Donal describes himself as a “Macquarie Street GP” but really thinks he is the Consigliere in the Godfather, Tom Hagen’s character. 

He drafts Wills, pre-nups, trusts and is the first point of contact for family members with legal issues, even criminal issues.

The best question he gets asked is, “What do other people like me do?” The firm is a repository for the answers to this question.

Legacy Law offer a relationship to their clients and not just a transaction. This alone differentiates them from many other firms and gives clients peace of mind.

The service is so high-touch that he offers to haunt the children of clients and be an advocate for those who get old.