Program speakers


Bobby Clark 


Bobby Clark is a multidisciplinary Scottish artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Through a purposeful application of colour, her work explores the intersect of art, beauty, and self expression drawing from her own personal experiences to more deeply dissect the influences of motherhood, human connection, culture and architecture. 

Her minimalist geometric studies explore shape theory and through a nuanced lens her articulation of colour looks deeply at the emotional associations we find within certain shades and the residual effects their meaning can have on our personal experiences and the things we collect and admire.

Her 2022 series ‘Stripes’ further explores this notion, looking at how people and elements of life are distilled into colour. Describing the words as, ‘a collection as abstraction, using colour as its language,’ the stripes speak of a person or collection, and conceptualise the depth of emotion felt in response to her interactions with her community and objects of infatuation, appreciation, obsession. 

Through her chosen mediums her connection to colour has been a constant focal point in the progression of her work over the past 8 years as a full time artist.