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The Future Housing Taskforce “Micro” Build-To-Rent Solution

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The Future Housing Taskforce invites investors to explore an innovative approach to build-to-rent, offering unprecedented speed and efficiency in delivering compact, innovative housing solutions.

Imagine transforming a standard 400m2 residential block into five appealing, single-story micro-apartments in less than ten months.

This approach is ingeniously integrated within a Rooming Accommodation framework, with unprecedented benefits to both investors and tenants.

You retain full asset ownership, yield 8%+ returns, gain an equity uplift, and strong capital growth in Brisbane’s booming metropolitan area.

Our innovative full-service model transforms your organization into a “hands-off”, micro-build-to-rent developer.

Small organisations can build 1-10 properties to provide 5 – 50 rentals to essential workers.

Larger organisations have the opportunity to acquire 50-100 properties per annum, adding 250 – 500 rentals to ease Brisbane’s critical undersupply.

3 key reasons investors would find it attractive to invest with you

  • Rapidly Increase Affordable Rental Supply Whilst Achieving 8%+ Returns

Deliver modern, affordable, self-contained homes swiftly with our innovative micro-build-to-rent approach in under ten months.

  • Solves Key Challenges Of Traditional Models

Traditional build-to-rent faces challenges like complex high-rise site acquisition, scarcity of large sites, lengthy acquisition times, high costs, increased construction risks, and high costs for anything beyond low-rise solutions.

Our “micro” solution simplifies this by constructing single-story buildings, reducing costs and build times while offering superior value. We build five rentals on single residential blocks, making acquisition easier compared to large high-density blocks.

  • Proven System With 350 Rentals Created In 18 Last Months

Having created over 350 rentals using this model in the last 18 months, we have established proven delivery methodology, and a robust ecosystem of best-in-field builders, trades, certifiers, and land acquisition specialists.

Our innovative method streamlines the process enabling fast and efficient site procurement and cost effective construction at economies of scale.

Summary of specific investment and benefits

The Properties

Each spacious micro-apartment boasts a separate kitchen, lounge/dining, bedroom, bathroom, and patio over 30m².

They are fully furnished, with the landlord covering internet and electricity costs, making it an all-expenses-paid rental, especially valuable during a cost-of-living crisis.

Solar is included on all properties.

Acquisition cost of approximately $1.1 million per property yielding $100K+  equity uplift and a projected gross return of 8% or more.


The Tenants

All tenants are single person households, which are predicted to almost double in Queensland by 2046.

Addressing the unmet demand among employed singles, particularly essential workers, is crucial in light of Brisbane’s escalating rental market, expanding singles sector, interstate migration patterns, and the forthcoming Brisbane Olympics.


The Location

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest growing capital city. The population of the Brisbane City Council area alone is expected to increase by almost 500,000, reaching 1,721,000 by 2046.

The 2023-24 budget provisions infrastructure of $7.1 billion over 10 years for Brisbane venues.


The Snapshot

Property: Five attractive self-contained rentals on one 400,2 residential block

Location: Brisbane City Council

Turn-key Cost Per Property: ~$1.1 Million

Equity Uplift: $100K+

Rental Return: 8%+

With the capacity to scale to 100 sites (500 rentals) per year in Brisbane alone, we’re excited to customize our solution to fit your specific requirements.

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