Name of fund/investment opportunity

Re-visioning Rushcutters and Rewilding Ironcove

The offer/deal available

Seeking seed stage investors for Re-visioning Rushcutters as equity or grant funding. Initial investment of $200,000 required, with potential for further investment in the second stage. Rewilding Ironcove, the larger second stage project, requires $1M investment in social enterprise Blue Green Australia, a Standard Valuation Cap of $3M.

3 key reasons investors would find it attractive to invest with you

  • Supporting a sophisticated and scalable, local community and First Nations led nature repair and climate change adaptation movements.
  • Similar global projects are transforming their cities however Australia has been slow to respond to the looming crisis. Help us create a vision of a rewilded Sydney Harbour with groundbreaking local projects, with multilayered benefits and high levels of positive market exposure for funding partners.
  • Blue Green is forging the pathway to align Traditional Owner and local community wants & needs with significant government budgets and priorities – creating win-win profitable solutions.

Summary of specific investment and benefits

Small immediate impact: Investment in Re-visioning Rushcutters Bay will complement existing grants to fund the creation of a high level concept masterplan, business case and delivery strategy for the rewilding and climate adaptation of one of the most beloved and conflicted bays in Sydney Harbour. Using a combination of innovative community engagement, gamification and pro bono contributions from Sydney’s best architects and consultants this project will create a design which emerges from the community and First Nations contributors. If successful, this plan will be presented to NSW Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet as the seed of a precinct scale authority to undertake delivery. Sale of the concept plans to this entity will fund the scale-up of the social enterprise Blue Green.

Large scale impact: If $1M+ can be raised, Rewilding Ironcove is a far larger and ambitious project which seeks to create a vision of a self-funding 400ha blue green urban parkland which will protect over $2B of property while restoring 150ha of endangered mangroves and urban forest – and tangibly improving the health and wellbeing of over a million Sydney residents. This park will transform Sydney.

Huge transformative impact: Using generative AI tools, process automation and parametric design trained on the Rushcutters and Ironcove projects we will develop a tool kit for the rapid scalable creation of concept master plans and self-funding business cases for at least 20 sites on Sydney Harbour, and 100+ sites around Australia.  

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credit "Picture courtesy of the Australian Unity SDA Fund".