Name of fund/organisation:
Hotel Etico Australia


The offer/deal available:
Hotel Etico is Australia’s first social enterprise hotel, employing and training young adults with disability in hospitality and independent living skills.

After 3 years of operation, Hotel Etico Blue Mountains has reached self-sustainability through earned revenue, (Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Events, NDIS). While Hotel Etico continues to grow the Blue Mountains business organically, they are now ready to scale by opening new sites across Australia and we are looking for property partners.


3 key reasons investors would find it attractive to invest with you.

  • Hotel Etico has a proven and award-winning record of deep social impact.
  • An evidence-based, sustainable and replicable business model based on a mix of revenue sources including NDIS, Accommodation, Food and Beverage and Events.
  • Hotel Etico offers a variety of investment options including property leasing, lending and facilities management.


Specific investment and benefits:
Project Etico Australia, trading as Hotel Etico is based on a successful model established in Italy over 10 years ago. As a registered charity, social enterprise and NDIS provider, Hotel Etico opened the first site in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains in November 2020. Having achieved self-sustainability for their first site, they have a clear strategy to be present in every State and Territory across Australia. Hotel Etico has developed what they call our Growth Playbook and are getting ready to open new sites across Australia.

As demonstrated with the first site, the highly impactful model is self-sustaining, drawing revenue from a variety of reliable sources, including stable NDIS funding. The business model allows Hotel Etico to pay rent or repay a loan while remaining sustainable.

Hotel Etico are currently looking for investment partners to establish hotels with 50-100 guest rooms, restaurant/bar and events facilities in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and ACT. This could be achieved in a variety of ways including leasing, purchasing, management agreements, etc.


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