Name of fund/investment opportunity:
Climate and impact investing in the Pacific through blended facilities


The offer/deal available:
Camco is raising for multiple blended facilities offering climate and impact investing opportunities in the Pacific. The facilities are supported by donor governments and augmented with market development facilities (MDFs) to develop capacity and capability, thereby giving investments a greater chance of success.

Camco’s USD 100m TIDES platform  – with USD 32m MDFs – for example, aims to mobilise private sector funding for climate and impact projects, moving the region away from its overreliance on donor funding and imported fossil fuels and delivering far-reaching environmental and social impact. The platform is designed to offer investors attractive returns on climate-positive investments with a robustly measured ESG profile.


3 key reasons investors would find it attractive to invest with you:

  • Camco’s proven track record as an impact and climate fund manager
  • Strong donor support as evidenced through the first loss layer and MDFs across platforms
  • Extensive pipeline of transactions providing both returns and impact across the Pacific


Specific investment and benefits:
TIDES (Transforming Island Development through Electrification and Sustainability) is designed as a hybrid (private debt/equity) blended finance platform offering a unique opportunity to invest in Pacific Island decarbonisation and resilience. Camco is currently seeking USD 40m as debt and equity to complement the already secured USD 10m of grant-funded first loss capital, targeting a total of USD 100m by second close. Investors would get exposure to businesses that are building the Pacific power supply of the future, with both high growth and high impact potential.

With USD 80m+ pipeline of investments, a robust fund structure and Camco’s track record of opening investment opportunities in similar markets, TIDES will be ideally positioned to unlock opportunities for wholesale investors.


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Image: Camco-managed Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP)