Summit Track Record of Success

  • Founded in 2015
  • Recognised globally as the leading forum for the impact investing community in the Asia Pacific
  • Community representation from every State and Territory in Australia and from over 15 countries
  • Expected to grow to 500 Summiteers in 2022
  • Attracts visionary speakers from around the world
  • Prime Minister of Australia, then Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison and Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop addressed Summit in 2017

“It was a real pleasure to be back with so many leaders of impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Australia for the Impact Investment Summit! What is unique about “the gathering” is the sincere tone of collaboration and partnership that filled each session. If what has happened in other parts of the world holds true for Australia, the only way this field will advance is through deep dialogue and shared exploration of not only ideas and vision, but the actual experience of investing in innovative ventures that seek to optimise impact with appropriate and diverse levels of financial return.”