Program speakers


Kat Henaway

CEO/Founder – Blax Capital

Katja (Kat) Henaway was born and raised in Indigenous communities in Cairns, Far North Queensland and is a descendant of the Mer and Mua peoples of the Torres Strait Islands. She is a Business Advisor with an outstanding record of success in unlocking capital for Indigenous businesses across the PM&C $90m Indigenous Entrepreneurs Fund.

Kat has 20+ years’ experience in corporate administration and 15+ years’ experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement. She has worked for some of the world’s largest companies in Australia and the UK and has developed expertise in Indigenous Business Advisory and Instructional Design. Kat is founder of Blax Capital, Women’s Business and Politics in Colour where she provides business and leadership development advice, programs and events for First Nations people and People of Colour.

She is currently Indigenous Advisor to Women & Leadership Australia and Generation Women and is Board Director for the Indigenous Peoples Organisation (IPO). A recent partnership between Blax Capital and DAI Capital enables both organisations to combine their expertise to raise capital for large scale social and environmental infrastructure projects on country and in communities.