Wisdom | Courage | Action

2022 Festival of Impact

29 MARCH – 1 APRIL, 2022


                                                              SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA                                                                  

ImpactConnect | Impact Investment Summit | Impact Deep Dives

Play your part, collaborate with like-minded Summiteers to forge the future of impact.
Generate positive social, environmental and financial returns.
With Wisdom, Courage and Urgent Action  

 The world as we know it has irrevocably changed in the past two years.

Since the last Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific in 2019, vast areas of our planet have been razed by catastrophic bushfires, we’ve seen floods, storms and hurricanes of the most extreme kind, a ravaging contagious virus took hold across the globe bringing people, families, communities, business, and governments to their knees both socially and economically. We saw the resurgence of conflict and war around the globe and we remembered, twenty years on, the fateful day where terrorists attacked New York City and Washington DC. We arrived at COP26 with the stark and grim IPCC report that we are careering dangerously towards warming above 1.5 degrees.

We’ve arrived at a place, a moment in history, where everything has changed. The game has changed. It’s time to step up our change to turn the tide and co-create the world we want to leave our children’s children.

Capital has the power to transform

As we’ve seen through the exponential rise in responsible investing, and we know that with deep intention, impact investing has the transformative power to re-shape lives, livelihoods and our planet’s health.

Your 2022 Summit Program has a multiple, meaningful power of purpose

It is a celebration of how far we’ve come in the region in growing the market, the field and the pipeline of brilliant investible product. It is an aspirational call to action to look towards the horizon to bring to life the investments we need to make now, for a better future. It is an experience that will ignite or spur you on your impact journey with wisdom, courage and action:

  • With over 15 international luminaries bringing global perspectives and insights
  • Anchored by the over 60 regionally based speakers and presenters who will deliver compelling stories around market growth, deals, the rise of impact across institutions, shareholder activism and the power to ignite a new economy
  • 8 main stage plenary sessions
  • 5 deep dive masterclasses from regeneration to impact and outcomes measurement
  • 12 breakout sessions streamed to maximise content specific to private investors, institutional investors and philanthropy
  • A TED-style powerhouse hour showcasing impact ideas worth spreading
  • Networking opportunities with over 400 Summiteers, the cream of the impact ecosystem.

The growing inequities around the globe, amplified by the pandemic, and the role of capital in closing the gap. To be pursued at this, the sixth seminal Summit gathering of international and Australian private and public sector leaders, institutional and private investors, family trusts and foundations, government, academia and the media, financial advisers, NGOs and social enterprises. All intent on making a difference through innovation, through values-centred investment, through conversations, collaboration and connection. Sharing insights and stories on what matters most in our world, on our key social and environmental challenges and opportunities crying out for our collective wisdom, courage and action.